Hunter Solar Project celebrates its first birthday!

3 Jun

Happy Birthday HSP

Last May, a group of like-minded, ambitious Hunter College students came together to discuss a common goal: bringing renewable energy to the Hunter campus.  Together, these students drafted a proposal to have a 3 kilowatt solar system installed on campus and implement a corresponding solar education and tour program.

The group that was born of that initial meeting–Hunter Solar Project–has just celebrated its first year anniversary, and in this inaugural year we have made incredible progress towards realizing our goals.  Our successes this year have been many, from chartering as an official student organization comprised of both undergraduate and graduate students, to gaining the written support of the college president and administrators, faculty, the Sustainability Council, and both student governments, while simultaneously sponsoring and participating in numerous campus events to promote sustainability and renewable energy.

Apart from this, we have recently had much success in reaching our fund raising goal.  We have raised over half of our goal of $55,000, through a combination of funds committed by the undergraduate student government, Axillary Enterprise Board, President Raab and the Hunter Sustainability Council.

Just last week, Hunter Solar Project received news that the Clinton Global Initiative has chosen to award us a $4,000 grant.

With these funds secured, it is likely that we will be able to have a solar system installed on the roof of the North Building by the end of the summer, and can begin our solar tour program, which will employ Hunter College students as tour leaders and provide renewable energy education to the greater Hunter community, this coming Fall semester.

We’ve come a long way this year, and we’re looking forward to continuing to play an integral role in our college’s transition towards a sustainable future!


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