University No Impact Week comes to Hunter College

1 Nov

Hey there all you sexy, smart, hard working environmental activists!

Ever wondered what it would take to reduce your carbon footprint to zero? Well, register for University No Impact Week and find out how fun and easy it can be! The week will be from November 14th to 22nd. From the 15th to the 19th, there will be various events and demonstrations at Hunter College that you should look out for, they will be really awesome and interactive.

The No Impact Project uses each day of the week to focus on the different categories of our everyday lives that have potential impact on the planet.

Sunday: Consumption

Monday: Trash

Tuesday: Transportation and Taking Action

Wednesday: Food

Thursday: Energy

Friday: Water

Saturday: Giving Back

Sunday Eco-Sabbath

The week is designed to help you think of fun and creative ways you can change your lifestyle to reduce your carbon footprint on our beautiful mother earth and live a happier, healthier, fuller life.

For more info about the project or any of our events email us at

If you have Facebook, look for the University No Impact Week page and Like us.

Hunter College Univeristy No Impact Week

Peace and Love folks! – HSP team


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