The Hunter Solar Project is a student-organized initiative with a dedicated and diverse membership, reflecting the unique student body of Hunter College and the City University of New York as a whole.  Students organizing the project come from a variety of academic programs including Environmental Studies, Economics, Physics and Chemistry.

The purpose of the Hunter Solar Project is to expand Hunter’s use of sustainable energy sources by installing a solar energy system on campus for power generation, education and research. The Hunter Solar Project seeks to aid Hunter College in participating in PLANYC, under which all CUNY schools are encouraged to reduce their carbon footprint by 30% by the year 2017. The installation of a solar energy system on Hunter College will offset a portion of the school’s non-renewable energy demand and consumption, and therefore reduce Hunter’s greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, installing a solar energy system on Hunter College will create cutting-edge research and educational opportunities for Hunter students and faculty in physics, environmental science, economics and the rapidly advancing field of renewable energy.

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